[2] How Do You Handle Stress?

Posted by Mohammad Afieq ibn Ismail on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | 0 comments

A lot of definition of stress if you google it, and the stress that I meant is -

Definition: difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension; "she endured the stresses and strains of life"; "he presided over the economy during the period of the greatest stress and danger"- R.J.Samuelson

Eating? Crying? There always be different of situation how we handle to ease our stress, and here I'm telling you how I'm handling it. Maybe it's different between us because we are human being, got feeling and react through that feeling. So, this is me, how I'm handling it and always want to remind you, it's all depend on situation and your mood.

Myself in the park (2006)

5. Park - Going to park or recreation place always get me stressfree especially after fail anatomy or histology exam. I'm the person kinda easily get stress when it's come to fail something. I'm the person who doesn't like fail, even though i know failing make a person perfect, but I'm not kind of that person. So, usually after failed the exam, I will going outside to the park or recreation place which near to my hostel. I like the environment here, peaceful and relax which made my mind feel free to think positively.

4. Song - Hearing songs can ease my stress, but it's depend to what song I'm hearing to. Sometime, when I'm feeling really deep stress, song of MCR (My Chemical Romances) can give me strenght. Or maybe, I can tell you, songs of Maher Zain really attracted me this lately. A lot of messages from his songs, and I'm feeling closer to God when hearing it.

3. Crying - I'm used to be cry baby when I'm a little kid, still, if I'm really stress, one moment I didn't realize my tears will coming down. Then, I will go at the corner, crying alone which made me feel comfort a little bit. But, it wont solve you any problems and I always remind myself to stop crying, that not so manly. ^_^ But as human being, cry as much as you can because one day you won't be able to cry again anymore (when you are dying). Could it be sad if you tried to cry, but you cant?

2. Talking - Try to talk to someone that you feel comfort with, tell your problems to them, ask their opinions how to handle it. I always trying to talk my problems to others but inside me prefer to keep it in myself and let it buried inside depth of the heart. But still, I will try talking to my friends especially when it's come to study problems. Give everything out when you can't take it by yourself. I miss those people older day where I can share my problems with.

1. Praying - Who else we ask if not our own GOD? When there's a problem, God always make it way how to solve it. God never make such problems without solution. There's a solution for every problems, ask God if you felt lost or blindness all you can see. We always forget to pray to our God, we never think that this life is too short.
When we were near to death, will we need our money, reputation and our properties? Nope, in my opinion what will help us only one hope, our only God.

How about you guys?