[4] Inside the World

Posted by Mohammad Afieq ibn Ismail on Thursday, February 11, 2010 | 0 comments

Try to find where are you in this world?

When we look at a glance about world,
we can see happiness, sadness, pain, joyful,
But do you know where all of these came from?

Try to look outside the box,
when we see happiness, look back when we were sad,
when we in sadness, pain, hurt, try to look back when we were happy.
All of these is connected to each other.

Will we be happy if there were no sadness and painful in our life?
Will we be sad if there were no happiness and enjoyment in this world?
All of these were phases that we need to face to make ourselves more matured.
All of these tests were from Allah.

Do not forget to thanks Allah for what He gave (Happiness), Alhamdulillah
Do not forget every sadness, painful that He gave had some hidden meaning,
maybe we don't understand what is it, maybe we can't,
but every tests He gave, guide us to such wonderful life ever.
Allah knows what the best for His creation were.

Do you ever look around you when you're in problems?
Do you remember when Allah gave you His blessing, do you ever think to thanks Him?
Allah created everything for you, do you ever think of that?

When you were thirsty, there were water,
When you were hungry, there were food,
When you can't breath, there were air,
When you don't have anywhere to go, Allah gave Al-Quran as a guider.

When you think of Allah, read His sms (Al-Quran),
reply His sms (Praying), talk your problems to Allah,
ask for His guides, Allah will always help us,
NEVER EVER He forgot bout us.

We as His slave, pray to Him, do what He asked, leave what He forbids.
InshaAllah you will find the truth about the meaning of life.

Honestly, afieq